Always-Up Jobs Page

We're always looking for smart, fun, and interesting co-workers! We hire people we want at our company, when they're available. We don't hire for specific positions, because we have none. Every individual person who works for us takes the initiative to either find existing projects or create new projects that they strongly believe will improve all areas of our lives, the lives of many, many others in all walks of life and in all geographies, as well as the stability and health of our group. So, if you:
  1. Are wildly passionate about helping to build one cool thing after another that other people love to use
  2. Can't stand to leave something you've done alone if it's not "perfect"; oh, and "perfect" changes at least once a week, sometimes several times per day
  3. Spend far too much time searching out new and interesting puzzles or projects to wrap your mind around and figure out
  4. Are unreasonably frustrated when things don't work "right", and your mind automatically goes through a dozen ways it could be "fixed"
  5. Annoy everyone you know by repeatedly telling them about the latest cool new tech / game / etc. you just discovered and can't put down
Then you might just be exactly the right fit!
So, if you want us to delete your résumé and / or boring form cover letter without ever looking at it (seriously), send it / them to .
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