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Actions Group is a business engine, designed to minimize all aspects of overhead involved in starting up new businesses or shifting and re-arranging them to better meet a changing market, while retaining continuity of both employment and umbrella branding.

We have a very specific goal:   To make it possible, economic, and easy for the average human to reach the Andromeda Galaxy within our lifetime. Yes, really. We believe we have a solid, realistic plan for accomplishing this. We also believe in making sure that everything we do will not only move us forward toward this goal, but also be fully worthwhile in its own right, pushing to better humanity as a whole with each project in each step.

Who Are We?

We are people with vision and passion.

We are people with a drive to make specific parts of the world around us a much better place, and with specific-but-flexible ideas on how that needs to happen.

We are people who have led and delivered major successful projects for companies like Microsoft, Boeing, Expedia, and Walgreens.

We believe that a management hierarchy is the last vestige of the feudal system, and is significantly hindering business success and progress. See our Jobs tab for more information on our management philosophy, complete with some of our sources.

Productivity Projects

Pedigree Business Builder Business Builder gives you a simple interface that helps you to coordinate and track the various parts of your business, and also helps to point out the areas that are starting to fall behind before they become a problem.

Pedigree Planner Planner goes way beyond the traditional pen-and-paper day planner of yester-year. With this tool, we are building a whole new genre of tool - the brain extension. More than seamlessly melding tasks, projects, notes, scheduling ideas, contacts, time management tools, and more, it pioneers new ways to become a truly seamless extension of your brain through pure, intuitive UI and built-in smart pattern tracking.

Tracker Simple and easy tracking of whatever data you need to track.

Entertainment Projects

Cloud Player This nifty little tool allows you to play your content from anywhere you have it stored, without needing to know or care where. The initial version will only include popular cloud storage venders, but it will eventually include streaming accounts as well.

Rite Studios Produces family-friendly puzzle, adventure, and edutainment software. Current project is Quantum Mite, a unique and addicting puzzle / competition game featuring some adorable, quantum-particle-based characters.

Rong Studios Produces wickedly-addicting games that intrigue and challenge those who dare to engage them. Be sure to keep watching this space for an announcement of their current projects...

The Core OS

Operating System — Re-envisioned The Core OS is a re-envisioning of what an operating system is. Every piece and function in an operating system has been re-evaluated for its goals and driving factors, and put back together in ways that are both more efficient, as well as better able to adapt to the unknown changes that will be necessary in the future, with little or no re-work.

Smart Data, not Dumb Data One of the key components around which The Core OS is founded is the concept of Smart Data. Smart Data is an Infrastructure of Intelligence that describes both ideas and instances. It is a means by which the system can, for itself, efficiently understand the relationships between ideas and instances, and understand them in a way that allows for what we would consider obvious and intuitive leaps in how to use the various pieces together to accomplish a task. At a high-concept level, it allows the system to relate ideas in ways similar to how humans do. This in turn makes it much easier for the system to automatically do the right thing when given vague, shortcut, garbled, simplistic, or conflicting instructions.

Non-Profit Work

Human Singularity Consortium (H1C) H1C is a consortium of top researchers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, investers, philanthropists, and others from around the world, coming together to coordinate their work and ideas to push forward our understanding of all aspects of the human condition. We seek to work out and coordinate how each individual's work can contribute toward achieving a point of functional comprehension, wherein an equalibrium can be reached such that individual death is no longer a necessary element for the healthy, continued, long-term existence of humanity.

Licensing For Open Source (L4OS) L4OS is a legal non-profit entity that tracks both contributing IP owners and open-source projects. It provides a vehicle for IP owners to legally contribute IP to specific open-source projects, without having to release the IP into the public domain, and allowing for other legal recognition, such as tax benefits, to be realized. For open-source projects, it allows for the legal use of privately-held IP without the high cost and overhead of forming and maintaining a non-profit legal entity.

Medical Work

Certigen Medical Clinical trials are the #1 cost in getting any medical product — pharmaceutical, medtech, biotech, etc. — to market today. This is true for nearly all aspects of the process — time and money, as well as human suffering and lives. While all other aspects of the R&D cycle are accelerating in the health care industry, this one is remaining not just fixed, but slowing and bloating. It's clearly a function that is needed, even demanded, for the safety of the general public.

Certigen Medical aims to replace that, in full, from a different approach — a system that completely calculates out all of the possibilities of interaction. It's an ambitious project, but we believe it's a critical and necessary step for the medical R&D industry to continue to accelerate its forward movement and growth. It's also a step that will help significantly improve our understanding of the nuances of our own bodies.

Jobs at Actions Group

Our Jobs page is a bit...unusual. As is our management philosophy.

We believe that a management hierarchy is the last vestige of the Feudal System, and is significantly hindering business success and progress. To this end, we look to examples set by highly-profitable companies like Valve, 37signals, GE Aviation, Gore-Tex, and GitHub, who are leading a new revolution in business. These companies are showing some of the highest revenue-per-employee in any industry, far outstripping their peers with more traditional business models.

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